Attention & Learning Lab

Principal Investigator
Dr. Nick Brosowsky

I am an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba. I teach and conduct research on topics concerning attention, learning, music, and skill learning.

I'm from Winnipeg, MB Canada (home to cold winters, the Winnipeg Jets, and John K. Samson; see also I earned my BA (honours) and MA in Psychology from the University of Manitoba, where I studied auditory attention and music perception under Dr. Todd Mondor. I earned my PhD in Psychology from the The Graduate Center of the City University of New York where I worked in the Human Cognition and Performance Lab at Brooklyn College under Dr. Matthew Crump studying attention, cognitive control, skilled human performance, and music cognition.

From 2019-2021, I worked with Dr. Paul Seli and Dr. Tobias Egner at Duke University as a postdoctoral research fellow, where I studied cognitive control, multi-tasking, inattention, and mind wandering. In the summer of 2021, I joined the Psychology department at the University of Manitoba.


Current Lab Members
Graduate Students
Stephanie Souliere

Stephanie graduated with her BA (Hons.) in psychology from the University of Windsor in 2021 and is presently pursuing an MA in psychology (Brain and Cognitive Sciences stream).

Stephanie's research interests include the interplay between cognitive processes, such as working memory or cognitive control, and emotions (including emotion regulation), as well as what implications this interaction has for individuals with anxiety or depression, and older adults. She ultimately plans to investigate how basic cognitive processes can inform our understanding of how we regulate our emotions, and vice versa. Outside of research she loves to crochet, paint, and play video games.

Liam Yeo

Liam graduated with his BSc (Hons.) in psychology from the University of Alberta in 2021 and is currently pursuing his MA.

Liam's research interests include how mind wandering impacts cognitive processes (learning, memory, perception, etc.) and the implications that arise from them. He is also interested in the underlying processes of mind wandering and other failures of attention. He plans to investigate these interests using various behavioral and computational methods.

Undergraduate Students
Umer Bin Faiz
Emma Fernando

Emma is in her final year of her Psychology major and plans to attend graduate school for clinical psychology upon graduation.

Emma’s research interests include how mind wandering and inattention present in various clinical disorders. She is also interested in how an excess of attentional resources can lead to mind wandering. .

Enny Odeleye

Enny is an undergraduate (B.Sc.) majoring in psychology. Enny is interested in a range of topics as they relate to human cognition that touch on philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience, including decision-making, emotion, and metacognition. Enny is also interested in interoception, emotion regulation and social interactions in ADHD.

Outside of research, Enny loves doing lyric annotations, writing poetry, yoga and volunteering. Enny plans to pursue graduate school for Clinical Psychology.

Natalia Nguyen

Natalia is a senior majoring in Psychology and intends to go to graduate school for Clinical Psychology.

She is interested in the cognitive processes of neurodivergent populations like ADHD and ASD. She is also interested in mind wandering and inattention as well as motivation and learning in general.

Lab Alumni

Nathan Mathews completed an independent research project in 2022 on the metacognition of mind wandering and subjective feelings of inattention.

  • Mathews, N., Bin Faiz, U., Brosowsky, N.P. (2022, July 18-20), How do you ‘know’ if you were mind wandering? Investigating the metacognition of mind wandering using a novel remember/know paradigm, The 32nd Annual meeting of the CSBBCS, Halifax, NS

Our Collaborators